iCARUS PRO Sun Protection


Sun Protection

SPF 50
You can trust

Used by fans, spectators, families, weekend warriors, amateur and professionals in sport.

The number one choice for easy reach sun protection. On the beach, on the road, on board, off-piste, at every outdoor music, entertainment, cultural festival and sports event, in the park or just doing the school run!

The perfect compact travel companion in your pocket, bag or glove compartment.

All skin types

Fragrance free


Eco friendly

Approved for UK and European sales and distribution.

SPF 50

How many times have you been told not to fly too close to the sun? The Greek myth of Icarus is one of the most well-known stories from antiquity and a perfect example of what can happen when you ignore this warning!!

We’ve got you covered

We use only the best ingredients thoroughly tested by our inhouse scientist with over four decades within the skincare product, development and manufacture industry. And being parents ourselves we understand that the ingredients within our products are 100% safe not only for us but our children as well.

Two years in design and development

Become a Retailer in the UK and Europe

Private label branded sun protection products for charity fundraising, corporate clients and the sports, entertainment, hospitality events and travel industry.


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